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Body by MIA (MIA Lifestyles) has been in operation since 2012, launching our Body Scrubs as it's premier product line. Over the years we have been constantly improving our ingredients, products and overall brand.


The founder of MIA Lifestyles, who grew up in the Middle East, was able to secure suppliers in the region in early 2015, as well as other luxurious raw ingredient suppliers throughout the world; this helps the brand to incorporate the highest grade of ingredients into every product. 


From the Middle East, Asia, Europe and  Africa, we have combined these raw ingredients into our Bath & Body Collection, with products created to quench the skin's thirst, nourish it and add radiance to the skin's glow.


In 2016 we launched our Premium Fragrance Collection, which includes richly scented, handcrafted, soy candles, room and linen sprays, wax melts and reed diffusers.

MIA Lifestyles has Since evolved into a custom candle company, producing candle collections for clients, custom fragrances and signature scents. As a result of our partnership with high end suppliers in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, we have been able to source and expertly blend the best oils and scents available on the local market. We are known to create intense , truly premium candles, which sets us apart, from other local candle companies


In 2020 our Exclusive Bougie Parfumée  (fragrance) Collection, Versailles, was launched. It’s handcrafted with some of the most exquisite oils and blends, sourced from the Mediterranean, Asia and Europe, which are expertly curated to create a sophisticated & intense, fragrance collection, that showcase the art of a true Bougie Parfumée Collection.


All products produced by MIA Lifestyles, are created Trinidad and Tobago and we proudly offer these local luxuries, to the worldwide market

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Bespoke by MIA Lifestyles

The MIA Suite, Glencoe, POS  /  Tel. 1868 730-3424

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